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The JEDBURGH EVENTS FORUM was established in January 2006 by unanimous resolution of the last AGM of the Jedburgh Tourism Forum. It had been felt that the work of the Tourism Forum had moved gradually towards the identification, planning, and facilitation of events that would act as a stimulus to bringing visitors into the community. This in turn would support the tourism trade and retailers in the town.

Forum Objectives:
The association is a non profit distributing voluntary association which aims to further trade, tourism and amenity in Jedburgh town and area and to promote Jedburgh in all possible aspects to the benefit of both business and the community.

Under the Constitution the main powers of the Forum are as follows:-

  • To provide various events for the local inhabitants, visitors and tourists and to assist other to provide events.
  • To raise funds in pursuance of the association's objectives and to accept grants, donations and legacies of all kinds.
  • To purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire, any property or rights suitable for the association's activities.
  • To borrow money, and to give security in support of any such borrowing by the association.

Activities since formation.
  • The Forum raises some of its financial balance through the succcessful applications for grants such as the Visit Scotland Challange Fund and Awards for All.
  • Annually the Forum adds to it finances through the retained profit coming out of the Jedburgh Running Festival (previously the Jedburgh Half Marathon).
  • The Forum has promoted the town and surrounding area as a great outdoor holiday location at several national and one international Activity Holiday Show.
  • The forum has taken the lead in successfully applying and achieving the status of a "Walkers Are Welcome" community.
  • The Forum has distributed funds to many local associations and events both in the town and in the surrounding villages, enabling them to develop and fund community activities.
  • We have worked with several groups to assist them in the expansion of their association or club and have acted as the umbrella body that enabled them to gain grant assistance.
  • The Forum is an additional source of promotion and advertising for the numerious events that are run in the community.

Where a local voluntary group of club seeks some additional support to enable them to put on an event that will either provide a community benefit or enhance the tourism activity levels in the town, the Jedburgh Events Forum would be interested to learn of that opportunity. JEF may be able to assist with promotion or even consider some form of funding support.
We encourage clubs and events orgagnisers in such situations to contact the Chairman of JEF, his contact details being provided in the contact page.

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