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The JEDBURGH EVENTS FORUM emerged from the previously successful JEDBURGH TOURISM FORUM in 2006. This was seen as a natural progression and its aim as its name suggests in creating, nurturing and promoting all manner of different events held in and around Jedburgh for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.

The Jedburgh Events Forum (JEF) is a non profit distributing voluntary association and for more details on the "Mission" and "Objective" go to the JEF page of the website.

One of the important functions of the Forum is to help to promote the activites and events that are being run in the town and surrounding communities. This website is an important tool to achieve this objective and will be subject to ongoing development and new content.

Any person interested in Jedburgh and wanting to contribute to its events, be they for locals or visitors, should send an e-mail to the web editor who will consider the information for inclusion. A contact link to the web editor can be found in the Contacts section.

For a list of events running in Jedburgh please use the navigation above or click here. This site will provide a brief description but more importantly provide a link to the events own comprehensive website where one exists.

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